Asheville Folk Volume 1: Moving Mountain, Overcoming Obstacles and lives well lived

Photos by Thalia Villarosa

Photos by Thalia Villarosa


Moving Mountains, Overcoming Obstacles and Lives Well Lived

We've been anticipating the first edition of our annual publication Asheville Folk like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. And we know you have too- we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who preordered Asheville Folk. We are so grateful for your support and patience throughout this journey. We are thrilled to say it finally arrived and we've shipped out all the preorders! If you haven't received yours yet, it should be in your mailbox any day now! 
Use the hashtag #avlfolk2017 and tag @ashevillefolk to show us where you take your copy!

Inside you will find  some of what you would expect from Asheville Folk. Plenty of gorgeous sprawling Blue Ridge Mountains cover the pages, with words accompanying them singing their praises and telling their stories. 

But more than the mountains, are the people that climb them. Volume 1 is a picture of the hearts of the creators that live and love in the city we call home. The mind behind your favorite West Asheville restaurant or downtown shop is put on display within these pages. Beer, recipes, music, poetry - it all enfolds in the same fashion, with the same intent. 

If you didn't get a chance to preorder, you can still grab a copy here! 

This publication would not be a reality without the many beautiful creative souls who contributed to it's formation. 

Christina Forêt
Blaise Forêt

Emily Glaser
Lauren Wise

Rachel Caroline Adams
Chelsea Bollhoefer
Philip Bollhoefer
Thomas Calder
Sarajane Case
Melina Coogan
Luke Costlow
Amy Fine
Emily Glaser
Janelle Holmboe
Emily Manalo Ruiz
Tiffany Narron
Jamie Righetti
Lauren Wise
Jane Woods
Mike Wurman

Chelsea Bollhoefer
Duncan Chaboudy
Nathan Rivers Chesky
Sadie Culberson
Amelia Fletcher
Christina Forêt
Shonie Kuykendall
Sarah Snyder
Carolyn Stotts

Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director

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DIY Vision Board

With the new year in full force, if you believe in them or not, it’s easy to get swept up in the wave of new beginnings, new you*, new resolutions. I’m not into resolutions myself, but I am into having a new mantra(s) for the year to come. I thought it would be cool to do something different this year - something to remind myself daily of the hope and inspiration and newness this year will bring. Enter: a vision board!

There’s no wrong way to do a vision board. It’s completely customizable to you and your aspirations. My supply list consists of: poster board (I used a black half sheet), magazines (prints, newspapers, whatever!) scissors, glue tape (Staples) and mounting putty.

I thought it would be cool to do something different this year - something to remind myself daily of the hope and inspiration and newness this year will bring. Enter: a vision board! DIY Vision Board by Carissa Borntreger

After you have the supplies, it’s a breeze. Go through your materials and cut out the words or images that stand out to you.

I thought it would be cool to do something different this year - something to remind myself daily of the hope and inspiration and newness this year will bring. Enter: a vision board! DIY Vision Board by Carissa Borntreger

Simply use the glue tape to create the collage on the poster board - and voila! Use the mounting putty to place your new vision board wherever you can see it to be inspired daily!

I thought it would be cool to do something different this year - something to remind myself daily of the hope and inspiration and newness this year will bring. Enter: a vision board! DIY Vision Board by Carissa Borntreger

*disclaimer: you're most likely already awesome; not a 'new' you, but love yourself while bettering yourself :)

Asheville Folk Contributor Carissa Borntreger

In a perfect world, Carissa's cider is always hard, Michael Scott is her best friend and sushi is the only food group.

Instagram: @carissacat

Things I'm Enjoying Right Now

If you hang around me for any amount of time, there’s a good chance I’ll take a moment to share with you the things, places, people, food (and so on) that I’ve been enjoying lately. Sure, this type of sharing can, at times, come unsolicited. I just want people to enjoy all these things alongside me! Anyone with me?

The majority of the time I’ve either heard about these things from a friend or I’ve accidentally stumbled upon them myself. Both avenues end up equaling a happy surprise. Below I’ve included my list of “things I’m enjoying right now.” Grab a friend and go explore together! You won’t be disappointed.

I just want people to enjoy all these things alongside me! Anyone with me? Things I'm Enjoying Right Now by Lyndsey Parham

Trade & Lore Coffee
37 Wall Street

First of all, Wall Street is my absolute favorite street downtown. Big café lights are strung along the lampposts and there are numerous local shops that add to its character. Trade & Lore is one of the newer additions to Wall Street within the last year or so and I am so thankful they moved in. You walk in to an open concept room that has exposed brick everywhere. (Love!) They have a hodgepodge of seating options from refurbished church pews to comfy, vintage loveseats. I don’t know about you, but there are times I walk into coffee shops and I don’t feel cool enough to be there. (Can I get an amen?) Somehow Trade & Lore has been able to master the feeling of cozy, but not pretentious. Right now they have the most amazing vanilla, cardamom, and brandy latte. Just last week, Marissa whipped one up for me and I couldn’t believe how smooth the coffee was and how creative their syrup combo was. Who would’ve guessed? They’re constantly rotating syrup options, but make sure to get down there for this one ASAP.

I just want people to enjoy all these things alongside me! Anyone with me? Things I'm Enjoying Right Now by Lyndsey Parham

Duncan & York
33 N. Lexington Avenue

Hats off to my sister, Lauren, who first introduced me to this wonderfully adorable store. Duncan & York is a dream-come-true for co-owners Stephanie Duncan and Lindsay York Woodruff. They have curated everything from Rifle Paper Co. products to hilarious nameplates (What Would Beyoncé Do?) to local Asheville artists to partnering with some of the best shops on Etsy. They feature these earrings from Kristin Grace Studs. For under $15, you can score these as an easy birthday gift for your girlfriends and even snag a pair for yourself. Hop on in and have Ben show you around.

I just want people to enjoy all these things alongside me! Anyone with me? Things I'm Enjoying Right Now by Lyndsey Parham

Taco Temple
132 Charlotte Street

When I lived in Texas, my love and affinity for tacos grew exponentially. I am a firm believer that we all need more tacos in our life. Taco Temple is the sister restaurant to Mamacita’s over on Biltmore Ave. Taco Temple’s main focus is tacos, tortas, and ensaladas. I am on a constant search for “the best fish” taco and, friends, I think I found it. Enter their “baja” taco. This taco comes with fried pacific cod, cabbage, baja sauce, and they top it off with little bits of pineapple. Lime to taste. Y’all. Come on. For $3.50 a taco, you cannot go wrong. Make sure you start with their queso and guacamole, too.

I just want people to enjoy all these things alongside me! Anyone with me? Things I'm Enjoying Right Now by Lyndsey Parham

“This Is Us”

I love myself a good TV show. Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, FRIENDS, Parenthood, Scandal, Downton Abbey…the list goes on. Do yourself a favor and add this to your DVR or Hulu queue. People are comparing it to Parenthood and I think the main similarities between the two shows are that you a) 100% fall in-love with the characters and b) the writing is just brilliant. The story-line is charming and SO smart and you don’t hate your life after watching an episode. (Yes; I’m looking at you, primetime news). The characters are endearing (see Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, and Sterling K. Brown aka Chris Darden from ESPN’s OJ: Made in America). Pop the popcorn and get to work.

That’s it for now! More solicited opinions to come, I’m sure.

What about you? Anything that you have been enjoying as of late?

Asheville Folk Contributor Lyndsey Parham

Lyndsey Parham is an Asheville native with a dash of Nicaragua in her soul. She believes in the power of investing in others, chips & salsa, and Friday Night Lights. Oh, and coffee. Don't forget the coffee. 

Instagram: @throughthelynds

Coworking Spotlight: Ali Murphy of Revely TripGuides

Asheville Folk Coworking Spotlight: Ali Murphy of Revely TripGuides

We work alongside so many awesome entrepreneurs at Asheville Folk Coworking- but this month, we're focusing in on Ali Murphy!

"I'm Ali, Owner and Creative Director of Revely. We're a boutique travel company that designs pocket-sized itineraries— called TripGuides—in destinations all over the globe. We've just launched our Asheville TripGuide and have lots of exciting itineraries coming soon to our online shop. I started Revely in late 2015 after years leading trips and designing itineraries abroad for a large active travel company. Despite all that time living out of a suitcase, launching my business has been the wildest adventure (except for maybe that time I got my car stolen in Budapest)."

Asheville Folk Coworking Spotlight: Ali Murphy of Revely TripGuides

What is the most valuable lesson you learned in 2016?: With a background in trip design and a degree in French (sorry, parents!) I didn't know anything — I mean it— about graphic design, photoshop, branding, marketing, building a website, or the big bad world of printing books (you guys: there seem to be about 4 million types of paper). But looking back, this was a positive. Because when I rolled up my sleeves and taught myself these new skills, I gave myself the tools to better hone my vision before I put it into other people's hands. Knowing when to delegate or hire an expert is important, but now I understand that most of the time, there's a creative solution somewhere in my toolkit. 

Oh— and pants. You should put on real pants every day or your partner WILL become worried about you.

If you have a friend visiting, where’s the one spot you have to take them? : The Wedge on a sunny day. The Crow and The Quill on a rainy night.

Most recently downloaded song/album: Jon Bellion, "The Human Condition"

Currently reading: It's actually a cookbook: "Plenty More" by chef Yotam Ottolenghi.

Favorite Asheville restaurant: My partner Matt and I just can't seem to stay out of Salsas. We try. We say "nah, we'll go somewhere different tonight." And then next thing we know we're 3 margaritas deep and splitting the pork empanada. Does this happen to anyone else? Do we need an intervention?

Go-to karaoke song: Easy: "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge. Can I pull it off? No. Do I try? Way too hard.

Celebrity crush: Oof, that's got to be my man Eddie Redmayne.

What made you join a coworking space?: I wanted to surround myself with other people "in the arena" who are hustling, creating, and who understand the vulnerability it takes to say: "Hey world, I made this thing. What do you think?". Working from Asheville Folk, I've been able to meet a lot of badass, inspirational makers who motivate me. It's also the brightest, airiest, non-office office that occasionally has doughnuts and always has good tunes. That sure beats being huddled up at home.

What can we expect from you in 2017?: I will have an online shop full to the brim with dreamy destinations. I will be printing custom orders for wedding welcome bags, family reunions— you name it. I will keep saying "I will" instead of "I hope".

Favorite Quote: "It's necessary to know that everybody won't see it. That everybody won't join you, that everybody won't have the vision. It's necessary to know that. That a lot of people like to complain but they don't want to do anything about their situation. That you are uncommon breed." - Les Brown. 

Asheville Folk Coworking Spotlight: Ali Murphy of Revely TripGuides

Keep up with Ali:


Instagram: @revelytrips

A Day at Asheville Folk Coworking

I was actually dreading this day. My to-do list had grown so burdensome that I felt like it was actually creaking at the edges, busting at the seams. None of it was the “fun” work that we get to do as entrepreneurs… my list was full of repetitive, behind-the-scenes junk tasks that just needed to be dealt with. 

One morning as I was procrastinating with my phone in bed (I mean, I was doing market research!) I saw Asheville Folk’s call to arms: come to the coworking space! It felt like a very clear sign from the universe. Get your butt over there, the universe said, and relieve yourself of all those online tasks that you’re dragging around unfinished. 

So bright and early (okay, 9:30am) on Monday morning I packed up my laptop and printed to-do list (okay, lists) and pulled up in front of Asheville Folk. I had been in the space in its previous incarnation, but I wasn’t prepared for how spacious it feels in there now. The layout, the clean white walls, the sweet little succulents and gleaming Macs… this felt like a treat, not a chore! It was like being back in the library at college, if my college had been super modern, open, smelled great, and inspiring. I felt like I could curl up in there all day. 

I was greeted by Christina Forêt, who is personable and deeply committed to her vision. We were standing in that vision, and it looked and felt alive. Also, there was fresh coffee and home made cookies—and comfy chairs and tons of natural light. Within an hour, I’d gotten more than twice done than I had set as my Monday goal. Luckily for me, my business is on the same street as Asheville Folk’s coworking haven, so was able to walk in and out all day, leaving my laptop, water bottle, and lists safely at my dedicated table as I ducked in and out to finish various tie-dye tasks. I’m almost—but not entirely—sad to realize that I won’t need this space every day. Fortunately, they have super reasonable rates for folks like me, whose work is mostly done in our places of business. Mine is a small, colorful art workshop studio (by which I mean it is messy and there are no chairs), so any desk work is impossible there. I can’t believe my luck; this sweet warm space is literally walking distance from the Refinery Studios, where I rent my shop space. 

If your needs are more on the “every day, every month” schedule, they have great deals for that, too. And, it would seem, for everyone in between. Need to work just on M, W, F? Yes, that exists. Just Tuesdays and Thursdays? That’s even more affordable. I know there are countless coffee shops in town, and I’ve utilized them for getting work done, but they always come with a little nagging feeling that I ought to keep buying snacks and drinks to justify my seat. I loved not smelling like burnt grounds and wishing that the people around me would wear their headphones or take their squirming children somewhere else. Asheville Folk’s coworking space is built exactly for what I needed—a kick in the rear, a streamlined and healthy environment, and a fair price tag. I will totally be back. 

Jessica Kaufman is the owner of WAXON Batik & Dye Studio, the area’s only open arts workshop for batik and tie-dye. Follow her on instagram at @waxonstudio and check out how the whole thing works at