The Power of Instagram

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Where do I even start?!

We get it, social media can be super overwhelming. It's that thing we all know we're supposed to be doing; but, figuring out where  to begin can be the hardest part.

Should I tweet this?
What's the best hashtag to use?
Why are these people following me?

But, never fear, the good news is that we have a pretty good idea  of what you should be focusing on right now to find the most new customers and have the most authentic relationships with the folks who all ready love you the most: Instagram!

Right now you're probably like, "Wait, what? Shouldn't I be posting on Facebook and shouldn't I be sending tweets and shouldn't I be pinning stuff to a Pinterest board?" Well, yeah, you should. Keeping up with your fans across the web is super important for making sure you're easy to find and easy to contact.

But, no platform gives you as much of an opportunity to interact with your fans as Instagram does.

Hey, don't take my word for it, I'm just a blog post. Let's talk numbers.

For the past two years, the nerdy types who study marketing have found that Instagram is blowing Facebook and Twitter out of the water when it comes to user engagement ratings.

While Facebook's focus on advertising has buried business' posts in users' news feeds and Twitter's fast-paced posting causes tweets to disappear, Instagram presents every single photo to your followers. They see it all! Everything! And they love it. They're  liking, commenting, following, and tagging their friends.

One study found that "consumer actions (such as favorites and comments) for...pages on Instagram more than doubled year over year in Q1 2015. By comparison, actions increased 32% on Twitter
and 27% on Facebook.

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