Asheville Folk Volume 1: Moving Mountain, Overcoming Obstacles and lives well lived

Photos by Thalia Villarosa

Photos by Thalia Villarosa


Moving Mountains, Overcoming Obstacles and Lives Well Lived

We've been anticipating the first edition of our annual publication Asheville Folk like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. And we know you have too- we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who preordered Asheville Folk. We are so grateful for your support and patience throughout this journey. We are thrilled to say it finally arrived and we've shipped out all the preorders! If you haven't received yours yet, it should be in your mailbox any day now! 
Use the hashtag #avlfolk2017 and tag @ashevillefolk to show us where you take your copy!

Inside you will find  some of what you would expect from Asheville Folk. Plenty of gorgeous sprawling Blue Ridge Mountains cover the pages, with words accompanying them singing their praises and telling their stories. 

But more than the mountains, are the people that climb them. Volume 1 is a picture of the hearts of the creators that live and love in the city we call home. The mind behind your favorite West Asheville restaurant or downtown shop is put on display within these pages. Beer, recipes, music, poetry - it all enfolds in the same fashion, with the same intent. 

If you didn't get a chance to preorder, you can still grab a copy here! 

This publication would not be a reality without the many beautiful creative souls who contributed to it's formation. 

Christina Forêt
Blaise Forêt

Emily Glaser
Lauren Wise

Rachel Caroline Adams
Chelsea Bollhoefer
Philip Bollhoefer
Thomas Calder
Sarajane Case
Melina Coogan
Luke Costlow
Amy Fine
Emily Glaser
Janelle Holmboe
Emily Manalo Ruiz
Tiffany Narron
Jamie Righetti
Lauren Wise
Jane Woods
Mike Wurman

Chelsea Bollhoefer
Duncan Chaboudy
Nathan Rivers Chesky
Sadie Culberson
Amelia Fletcher
Christina Forêt
Shonie Kuykendall
Sarah Snyder
Carolyn Stotts

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