A Day at Asheville Folk Coworking

I was actually dreading this day. My to-do list had grown so burdensome that I felt like it was actually creaking at the edges, busting at the seams. None of it was the “fun” work that we get to do as entrepreneurs… my list was full of repetitive, behind-the-scenes junk tasks that just needed to be dealt with. 

One morning as I was procrastinating with my phone in bed (I mean, I was doing market research!) I saw Asheville Folk’s call to arms: come to the coworking space! It felt like a very clear sign from the universe. Get your butt over there, the universe said, and relieve yourself of all those online tasks that you’re dragging around unfinished. 

So bright and early (okay, 9:30am) on Monday morning I packed up my laptop and printed to-do list (okay, lists) and pulled up in front of Asheville Folk. I had been in the space in its previous incarnation, but I wasn’t prepared for how spacious it feels in there now. The layout, the clean white walls, the sweet little succulents and gleaming Macs… this felt like a treat, not a chore! It was like being back in the library at college, if my college had been super modern, open, smelled great, and inspiring. I felt like I could curl up in there all day. 

I was greeted by Christina Forêt, who is personable and deeply committed to her vision. We were standing in that vision, and it looked and felt alive. Also, there was fresh coffee and home made cookies—and comfy chairs and tons of natural light. Within an hour, I’d gotten more than twice done than I had set as my Monday goal. Luckily for me, my business is on the same street as Asheville Folk’s coworking haven, so was able to walk in and out all day, leaving my laptop, water bottle, and lists safely at my dedicated table as I ducked in and out to finish various tie-dye tasks. I’m almost—but not entirely—sad to realize that I won’t need this space every day. Fortunately, they have super reasonable rates for folks like me, whose work is mostly done in our places of business. Mine is a small, colorful art workshop studio (by which I mean it is messy and there are no chairs), so any desk work is impossible there. I can’t believe my luck; this sweet warm space is literally walking distance from the Refinery Studios, where I rent my shop space. 

If your needs are more on the “every day, every month” schedule, they have great deals for that, too. And, it would seem, for everyone in between. Need to work just on M, W, F? Yes, that exists. Just Tuesdays and Thursdays? That’s even more affordable. I know there are countless coffee shops in town, and I’ve utilized them for getting work done, but they always come with a little nagging feeling that I ought to keep buying snacks and drinks to justify my seat. I loved not smelling like burnt grounds and wishing that the people around me would wear their headphones or take their squirming children somewhere else. Asheville Folk’s coworking space is built exactly for what I needed—a kick in the rear, a streamlined and healthy environment, and a fair price tag. I will totally be back. 

Jessica Kaufman is the owner of WAXON Batik & Dye Studio, the area’s only open arts workshop for batik and tie-dye. Follow her on instagram at @waxonstudio and check out how the whole thing works at www.waxonstudio.com.