Asheville Folk Gathering: Backyard Dinner

Our first Asheville Folk Dinner took place in a charming backyard covered by trees. We gathered around wooden picnic tables with lights twinkling above our heads and the mountains, new friends, creative hearts, and kind souls surrounding us. We raised our vintage goblets and celebrated the community that we've found in each other and the incredible feelings that come with knowing we created something beautiful together. Not just the food, or the flowers - but the friendships, and the stories. There is something very communal about creating together, about eating together, and about laughing together. Cheers to Asheville and the lovely folks that get to call this place home! | Asheville Folk Gathering: Backyard Dinner. Photo by Sadie Culberson.


Thank you to Sadie Culberson for taking these beautiful photos. She is a talented and sweet soul. See more of her work here:

Thank you to Em Ries for creating this beautiful video that captured the vibe of the evening. Also thank you to Erica Russo for creating this beautiful song "Picnic" and allowing us to use it.

We believe in supporting local and we were honored to partner with these amazing companies for our first gathering: Roots Hummus, Hickory Nut Gap Farm, Oskar Blues Brewery, French Broad Chocolates and Mr. McCall's. Thank you for being kind and generous to the Asheville Folks.

A special thanks to these amazing folks who sat around the Asheville Folk dinner table- do yourself a favor and check out their work: Tyler McCall, Eric Campbell, Christina Forêt, Blaise Forêt, Philip Bollhoefer, Chelsea Lane, Sadie Culberson, Nathan Culberson, Sarajane Case, Sarah Snyder, Alex Fisher, Nathan Rivers, Libby Conwell, Em Ries, Megan Walsh, Todd Walsh, Oby Arnold.

Everyone worked very hard to pull this night off but we would like to say a very extra special thanks to Philip Bollhoefer, Executive Sous Chef at Omi Grove Park Inn. He prepared the most delicious smoked brisket and became everyone best friend. Thank you to Hickory Nut Gap Farm for providing the meat.

Alex Fisher of Lucky Penny Creative who spent hours walking all over the beautiful Lady Luck Flower Farm to find the perfect wild flowers and then created the loveliest arrangements. Alex is a phenomenal wedding and event planner as well as an overall good person!

Tyler McCall and Eric Campbell offered their home and backyard to us. They were the kindest most generous hosts and we couldn't be more grateful to have held the very first Asheville Folk Gathering at their home. It was truly a gift. Check out Tyler at Leaves & Beards and Mr. McCalls.

Sarah of Formations of Mental Objects made graham crackers and marshmallows. Yes, homemade graham crackers and marshmallows paired with French Broad Chocolate's chocolate bars.. Sarah is an amazing baker and photographer and made sitting around the camp fire a delicious treat.