Episode 4: Asheville Glassblower John Almaguer

Asheville artist, John Almaguer, talks about glassblowing in the River Arts District and the spiritual inspiration behind his art. We also discuss Bernie's Yearning ice cream, Asheville's rat problem, snowpacolypse, and why you shouldn't listen to Sarah Palin before bed.

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Show Notes: 

Cast & Crew Introduction-
Christina Forêt: Instagram | Website
Blaise Forêt: Instagram | Website
Tyler McCall: Instagram | Website
Em Ries: Instagram
Eric Campbell: Instagram | Website
Thomas Calder: Instagram

Glassblower, John Almaguer: Website | Instagram

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Making A Murderer. Sorry. We just can't stop. 

Em tries to explain the new Facebook obsession, "Be Like Me" Memes. We have no idea what she is talking about and are unimpressed. 

Noteworthy News

Making A Murderer - Getting a second look investigation.  "Front Page" Special
17 Places to Enjoy Asheville Indoors - Citizen Times
Asheville Pinball Museum
Ocean Center & Aquarium in Hendersonville
Great Escape

Asheville Bans Criminal Record Questions on Applications

Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan

Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump
Bernie Sanders Ice Cream, Bernie's Yearning

Rats in Asheville being ignored. Thomas shares a personal encounter.
Please send in your rat stories. It would mean the world to Thomas. 

Asheville Lately

Liquid Truffle from French Broad Chocolate Lounge (try the lavender one!)
Zambra- Request a booth in the far back- super cozy & comfy. Feel like Aladdin. 
Jake Bible- Writers Conference at Malaprops. Monthly meetings. 
Green Sage - Turkey Bacon is good. Breakfast all day.

Asheville Creative Community.
Asheville Folk Book Club.
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Blaise interviews Asheville Glassblower, John Almaguer: Website | Instagram
Some of Johns Favorite Asheville Spots: 
The Wedge Brewery
The French Broad Chocolate Lounge
Mela Indian Restaurant

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